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turn left you may be right

Pinocchio the puppet which wants to become a real boy, if only he would do what he is told. He gets distracted easily and never manages to stay focused on his path. At the entrance the story starts, with Gepetto and Pinocchio. Starting from the idea of the different paths, Pinocchio seems to randomly choose his way. The system of paths was created to give the visitors the possibility to stroll around. To explore the area of the library without boundaries. As the story of Pinocchio shows, many ways can lead to the final objective. Using the voids that are created by the system of paths, the idea was to create a magical forest, which houses characters and situations from different fairytales. The children should be able to explore, play and learn during their stay at the park and the library. They are invited to create their own stories in different landscapes of the new area. The idea of the magical forest continues in the interior of the library. Multiple abstract trees form a forest, which represent a collection of different stories and fairytales, visitors are able to investigate on their path through the Collodi Foundation.





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