The Queens Fishes

honorable mention NYC Aquarium competition

It is simply impossible to recreate the greatness of the ocean in a building. The most spectacular Aquarium is the ocean itself in all its glory - aquatic creatures and corals in its evolved natural habitat, following its certain behavior. 
There is no proper way building an Aquarium to the advantage of the animals, as we are used to know and visit. Likewise, exterior influences and its effects also caused by humanity, endanger our world with its creatures and constructions under and over the sea.

Whereas we as the architects, determining landscapes and structural measures, can offer impregnable basic structures, encouraging the growth of the planets flora and fauna.
Instead of exhibiting fishes, mammals and plants behind a window, the project spreads vertical pillars all over the wide area of New York’s site, corresponding in size to the surrounding block of Queens.

Under the water’s surface, creatures and plants are able to settle in a natural surroundings, establishing a new bay.

Marine Research can be conducted on site and is encouraged to communicate information of research such as environmental conditions and humans responsibility of our planet, just as reasons of the rising sea level appealing to people’s consciousness.

Over the water’s surface, the pillars stick out of the water in different heights, corresponding to the time of various cities being flooded, unless anything get changed.

The most spectacular Aquarium is the ocean itself in all its glory and its beings in their evolved habitat. The only way to build an Aquarium, is not to build an Aquarium.

Spread pillars all over the site, offer a possibility growing an uninterrupted new bay and under sea life. To let evolve by itself, induces a natural growing ‘Aquarium’. Various researches can be done on site. Pedestrians on the waterfront get informed by surrounded points of research, while taking a look down under water observing fishes and corals in their natural behavior.