1st Prize - Competition - Ideasforward Metamorphosis

Our daily rhythm passes in a 24 hour circulation, divided in 8 hours of capacity, 8 hours of socializing and 8 hours of regeneration. State to state, we are changing from being efficient, to enjoying our leisure time, to regenerate ourselves for the next day.

During daytime, people are using the seating steps, working on their computers, while the pool over people`s heads gets filled with water. Due to hourly timestamps on the outer surface of the pool, marking the water level, it seems like a measuring cup for people’s daily productivity. 
As soon as the evening hours start, the pool is completely filled and ready for a jump into the refreshing water. After some hours of socializing and high spirit, the water starts dripping, emptying the pool and watering the greenhouse beneath. As a result, over the repetition of daily circulation of filling and emptying, working and relaxing, the surrounding enviroment transform into a green area over the time.